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205/70 R14 Classic Tires

25.31" O.D.

8.11" Section Width

"W" Speed Rated To 170 mph.

The tire size 205/70VR14 is of course associated with a Dino. Whether it be it a Fiat Dino, Ferrari Dino 206 (flared wheel arch), Dino 246 GT, Dino 246GTS or even a Ferrari Dino 308GT4, they all used a 205/70VR14 (except the very early Ferrari 206 cars). These fantastic landmark cars really benefit from the extra road holding a 205/70VR14 tire gave them. 70% profile tires became available in 1968 and the Ferrari Dino was on the mark by fitting a 205/70VR14 tire in 1969 to it's flared wheel arch cars, and it then became standard fitment. Because the 205/70VR14 was such a land mark tire it was also used as standard equipment on other top notch cars like 7 Series BMW and Mercedes also equipped the 205/70VR14 tires to their 280, 300, 350 & 450 cars right into the middle of the '80's.

  • Manufacturer: Pirelli


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