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The Pirelli P-Zero was developed in 1986. The range of P-Zero tires have up to date compounds developed at the race track and a complicated carcass structure involving many components including Kevlar reinforcements. This 225/50YR16 Pirelli P-Zero tire is directional, it is designed as a front tire to be complimented by fitting the asymmetric 255/50YR16 P-Zero Assimetrico on the rear. The 2 tread designs are developed to do diifferent jobs.

These tires are predominantly designed to be fitted on the front of Ferriari Tesstarosa, Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari 512TR & 512M, complimented with the 255/50YR16 P-Zero Assimetrico on the rear.

Though there are a variety of other cars out there that might fit the tire size 225/50YR16, cars such as Porsche 928 and Porsche 944, this 225/50YR16 P-Zero is designed as a front tire to be matched up with the P-Zero on the rear. So if they are to be fitted front and rear you would be better off with the 225/50YR16 Pirelli P7. For many of the Porsche applications it is worth noting that there is also the 205/55YR16 P7 & 245/45YR16 P7 that these tires can be paired up with.

  • Manufacturer: Pirelli


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