E70-15 Goodyear SWT 350 Small Letter '67 Shelby
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 Designed exclusively for the 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang.

Tire displays the "Goodyear" name in small raised white letters.

The Goodyear Speedway 350 “small letter” tire is for ’67 Shelby cars only. A point of interest: The Goodyear “large letter” E70/15 Speedway 350 tires were used on the first 7% - 9% of the ’67 Shelby vehicle production. The remaining ’67 Shelby vehicle production used the “small letter” E70/15 Goodyear Speedway 350 tire.

The “large letter” version returned in “68.

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Construction: Tubeless 4 Ply Nylon

Load Capacity: 1400@32psi

Overall Diameter: 26.73"

Tread Width: 6.63"

  • Manufacturer: Goodyear

E70-15 Goodyear SWT 350 Small Letter '67 Shelby

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