Jaguar XJ6 Tires

Jaguar XJ6

In 1968 the motoring world was taken aback by the Jaguar XJ6 with it's ground breaking new technology low profile tire ER/70VR15. This XJ6 tire size is now called a 205/70VR15, which is easier to understand. 205 meaning 205mm wide, 70 meaning 70% of 205 (144mm) is the height of the side wall. V meaning a speed rating of 149mph. R standing for radial, and 15 being the diameter of the rim in inches.

Out of the XJ6 tires available today Pirelli make the 205/70VR15 Pirelli P5. This XJ6 tire is of the highest specification with it's a W rating (170mph). It is easily capable of the speed of an XJ6 or XJ12 for that matter. It is also extremely good value for such a high performance tire made by one of the worlds best tire manufacturers.

The reason the Pirelli P5 is so suited to the XJ6 goes a little further than just being of the best quality tires built to the highest specifications. This P5 is a tire that was requested by Jaguar themselves back in the 1970s. at the time it was homologated by Jaguar, as is this current production, which is homologated by Jaguar themselves as the perfect tire for the XJ6, XJ12, XJS, and XJ40. As a way of improving the Jaguar XJ range of luxury cars, Jaguar got deeply involved with Pirelli in developing and testing the perfect tire for their cars and the result was the 205/70R15 Pirelli P5.

Jaguar XJ12 Tires

The first of the Jaguar XJ12 luxury cars fitted 205/70VR15 tires of which we would suggest the best suited would be the 205/70VR15 Pirelli P5. However with the introduction of the XJ12 HE models, Jaguar also upped the tire size to the taller and slightly wider 215/70R15 Pirelli P5, which Pirelli are making again, and again the tires are homologated with the J for Jaguar.

Jaguar XJ40 Tires

When Jaguar moved onto the next model the XJ40, they often fitted the 390mm wheels fitted with 220/65VR390 millimetric tires. However Jaguar also offered a 15” wheel option for the XJ40, which was fitted with 225/65R15 Pirelli P5. Pirelli are again making this tire specifically for the Jaguar XJ40, and it has the J homologation.

Testing Jaguar XJ6 P5 Tires