Triumph TR2 Tires

The TR2 originally fitted 550-15 bias ply tires. Today people tend to want to fit a radial tire as it makes these cars more suited to our modern roads and the original bias ply tire that the TR2 fitted is no longer manufactured.  Although there are other manufacturers making a 550-15, we would suggest fitting a 155HR15 as the closest radial alternative for a TR2.

Our recommendations for a TR2 are as follows:

  • 155HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 is the perfect tire for a TR2. A period classic radial sports car tire developed in the 50’s to give progressive handling, which is just what a TR2 wants.
  • 165HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67. Many people want to fit a larger 165 section tire because it will give a slightly taller tire, and give longer legged cruising. Sticking with the period PIRELLI CINTURATO on your TR2 will keep a period rounded tire carcase on their to maintain the progressive handling. (but sticking with the correct 155 section tire will make it more fun and spritely)