Ferrari Dino Tires

Ferrari 206 GT Tires

The first Ferrari Dino, with the smaller 2 litre V6 engine; the Ferrari 206 GT Dino originally came fitted with 185R14 tires. For these early cars we would suggest the 185HR14 Michelin MXV-P as it has a good robust carcass structure that suits the chassis of these sports cars. It didn’t however take Ferrari long to take advantage of the low profile tire technology and move these early 206 GT Dino onto a 205/70R14 tire.


Ferrari Dino 246 Tires

Both the Spider version, the Dino 246 GTS and the coupe Dino 246 GT came fitted as standard with the Michelin 205/70VR14 XWX. It is a great tire, and that famous tread pattern will always be associated with Ferrari’s fantastic little 6 cylinder Dino sports car. Pirelli also make a car that will handle superbly on the 246 Dino the 205/70WR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36, which is another great period option. But XWX is OE, the Cinturato CN36 was fitted to other version, the Fiat Dino.

Ferrari 246 GT Dino Tires

Ferrari 246 GT Dino