Jaguar XJS Tires

Jaguar XJS

When Jaguar first offered their Luxury Coupe, the XJ-S in 1975 it came fitted with 6” wide wheels and 205/70R15 Dunlop D1 tires that are no longer manufactured. However it didn’t take Jaguar long to ask Pirelli to make some tires specifically for their luxury cars. the result was the 205/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™ which was soon homologated for both the XJ-S and Jaguars saloon cars the XJ6 and XJ12.

Jaguar XJ-S HE, XJ-S 3.6 Coupe and XJ-SC Tires

In 1981 Jaguar introduced the new high-efficiency engine, and the XJ-S became the XJ-S HE. In 1983 the XJ-S range gained a 6-cylinder option called the Jaguar XJ-S 3.6 Coupe and also the Targa top or convertible version of the Jaguar XJ-SC. These XJ-S HE models also fitted slightly bigger tires, 215/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™. Later in 1987, the XJ-S HE models moved to 235/60WR15 PIRELLI P600 tires.

Jaguar XJS Tires

XJS Tires

In 1991 Ford removed the hyphen naming it the Jaguar XJS which people also call the XJS facelift model with the 4.0L XJS 6cylinder model and the 6.0L XJS V12 model, moving onto 16” wheels with 225/60R16 Pirelli P4000 E tires.

1990 Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 Tires

Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 Tires

XJR-S Tires

The first XJR-S V12 of 1988 fitted 235/60WR15 PIRELLI P600 like the XJ-S HE of the same period. Later XJR-S fitted 225/5016 front and 245/55R16 rear, initially Dunlop D40 and then Goodyear Eagles. Currently, the tire options we have for these later XJR-S cars are 225/50YR16 PIRELLI P-ZERO™ on the front and 255/50YR16 PIRELLI P-ZERO ASSIMETRICO™. These are the Pirelli P-Zero system that Pirelli makes for the Ferrari Testarossa and 288GTO.