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205/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™


Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


205/70WR15 Tires

205/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™ – The PIRELLI P5™ in the size 205/70 R15 is an excellent option for the Jaguar XJs, XJ6, XJ12, Daimler Sovereign, Vanden Plas, double six, XJ, XJ40, DS240, Citroen SM, Panther J72, and many more luxury classics.

The 205/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™ has a sped rating of W, which means it has been successfully tested at a sustained speed of 168 mph / 270 km/h for an hour without fault, making it more than capable of handling the requirements of the classic Jaguars it was intended for.

205/70 R15 Tires

205/70 WR15 Tires

205/70R15 Tires

In 1977, at the behest of Jaguar, a premier name in luxury automobiles, Pirelli embarked on a mission to engineer a tire that would redefine the driving experience.  The result was the  205/70WR15 PIRELLI P5™tire. Specifically tailored to meet the elevated standards of Jaguar, the P5 seamlessly melded performance and comfort into its design. Such attributes, while crucial for any car, are indispensable for vehicles in the luxury segment. Interestingly, the P5 marked the first instance of a tire being custom-made for a manufacturer upon their own request.

By the time 1979 rolled around, Pirelli’s commitment to quality and innovation was evident. Their P5 tire, in the 205/70 VR 15 size, had received official homologation, marking it as the ideal fit for esteemed Jaguar models such as the XJ6, XJ12, and XJS. Pirelli, always attuned to the evolving demands of luxury vehicles, expanded their offering. They introduced several variants of the P5: sizes now selling 225/65R15, 205/70WR15, 215/70 R 15, and 225/65 WR15. The new sizes were meticulously crafted for Jaguar models including the contemporary XJ40, the robust XJ12 HE, and the elegant XJS V12.

Even today, the 205/70 R15 PIRELLI P5™  stands as a leader of classic tire design, retaining its allure for classic car lovers around the world. Particularly for classic Jaguar and Daimler vehicles, the P5 is not just a tire — it’s a nod to an era of unmatched automotive excellence. Its continued popularity in modern times underscores its timeless design and performance.




Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 8 in


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