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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


215/50ZR15 Tires

215/50ZR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ P700-Z – For a while, finding a fitting tire for the iconic Audi Quattro posed challenges. Now, with PIRELLI’s reissue of the 215/50 R 15 tires tailored for the Quattro, aficionados can relish optimal performance paired with authentic period aesthetics.

Introduced in 1988, the Pirelli P700-Z in the 215/50 R15 size set a new standard in high-speed sports handling, distinguishing itself as the first road tire to earn a Z speed rating, surpassing 149 mph. Originating from the esteemed P700™ lineage and boasting an ultra-low profile, the P700-Z™ fused motorsport heritage with a more rounded profile tailored for everyday driving comfort.

The PIRELLI CINTURATO™ P700-Z tread design is highlighted by a prominent central rib paired with substantial directionally inclined tread blocks. This feature ensures commendable wet grip and outstanding braking efficiency, especially in damp conditions. A notable characteristic of the P700-Z is its ability to reduce noise while resisting aquaplaning, whether on straight paths or around bends.

The Audi Quattro originally came fitted with the P7 tire. However, it subsequently transitioned to the 215/50 VR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z, and to date, the 215/50 VR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z is the premier tire choice for classic Audi Quattro enthusiasts. It is recommended to maintain a tire pressure of 30 psi on both the front and rear wheels of the Audi Quattro.

215/50 R15 Tires

215/50R15 Tires

215/50 R15

The 215/50 VR 15 tire has a width of roughly 215mm at its broadest point. Its sidewall height amounts to 50% of that 215mm width. In the designation “VR,” the “V” indicates a speed rating of up to 150mph, while the “R” signifies radial construction. This tire is designed for a 15” rim. Besides the 215/50 R 15 P700-Z, Pirelli sporadically produces the 235/45 VR 15 P700-Z, a fitment for the short-wheelbase Audi UR Quattro Short Sport.



Fits UR Audi Quattro.

23.5″ O.D.

8.97″ Section Width

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8.5 in


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