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225/45YR16 PIRELLI P700-Z


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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


225/45YR16 Tires

225/45YR16 PIRELLI P700-Z – Introduced in 1988, the Pirelli P700-Z has made a mark with its distinct high-speed precision handling capabilities. Several prominent vehicles from that era have chosen this tire as their original equipment (OE). This includes the E30 Evo 2 BMW M3 (1988) and the BMW Z1 (from 1989 to 1991).

The Pirelli P700-Z 225/45R16 is an iconic tire, recognized for its advanced design and performance capabilities. Crafted for sports cars primarily from the late 1980s to early 1990s, it has catered to high-performance vehicles, seamlessly merging grip and comfort. The 225/45R16 also boasts a speed rating of Y, which means it has been successfully tested at a sustained speed of 186mph for 1 hour without fault.

225/45YR16 Tires

225/45R16 Tires


Evolved from the acclaimed P700™ lineage, the P700-Z features an ultra-low profile (225/45R16), echoing its motorsport ancestry. It sports a somewhat more rounded profile to cater to daily driving comfort, setting it apart from its strictly racing counterparts. The tread architecture features a pronounced central rib coupled with expansive, directionally positioned tread blocks. This composition ensures an impressive wet-condition grip.

The Pirelli P700-Z offers unparalleled wet-braking capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in damp conditions. Furthermore, it’s specifically optimized to minimize driving noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable ride. Additionally, one of the standout features of the 225/45YR16 P700-Z is its exceptional resistance to aquaplaning. The tire demonstrates superior prevention against water build-up, guaranteeing stability whether you’re driving in a straight line or taking corners.


ACTUAL WIDTH 224 mm / 8.8″
LOAD INDEX 89 – 58 Kgs
SPEED RATING Y = 186 mph / 300 km/h


Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 9 in


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