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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli



550-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA – The 5.50-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA tire is a genuine emblem of an era stretching from the 1930s to the 1950s. This 5.50-16 size, specifically, was the chosen front tire for the illustrious Maserati 250F, which, depending on the racing circuit, coupled it with either the 6.00-16 or the 6.50-16 STELLA BIANCA on the rear.

But the Maserati 250F wasn’t its sole admirer. This tire was an ideal match for a range of cars. It was favored for pre-war BMWs, Frazer Nash BMWs, the BMW 501, and even the Post War Frazer Nash. To delve deeper into its versatility, the 5.50-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA was a sought-after fit for classic models like AC Ace, Austin A90 A70 Hereford, Bristol 400, Jensen 541, Maserati 150, Mercedes-Benz 170, and many more, making it a favorite among automobile enthusiasts of the time.

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Emerging in 1927, the PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA tire heralded a new era in tire innovation, inspired by discoveries made between the two World Wars. Boasting unparalleled tread patterns and construction characteristics that epitomized the inter-war period, the tire encompassed unique features like a cord carcass fabric, low inflation pressure, and a straight side bead profile. This precision-engineered structure ensured impeccable directional stability even when the speeds ramped up.

What truly set the Stella Bianca apart was its avant-garde tread pattern. The design showcased trapezoidal blocks, firmly linked by strong “bridges.” This not only resisted tearing at high velocities but was so revolutionary that its essence persisted practically unchanged into the 1950s. It’s a testament to Stella Bianca’s trailblazing performance and steadfast dependability.

Moreover, it made history by being the exclusive V-rated crossply tire in the 6.00-16 dimension, pushing the boundaries with speeds of up to 149 mph. It wasn’t long before the 1950s legends of Maserati, Ferrari, and Aston Martin embraced the Stella Bianca. Its prowess was such that giants like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Maserati even selected it for their Formula One venture.

The modern production of the PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA in the 5.50-16 size boasts a speed rating of V = 149 mph / 239 km/h, making it more than capable of handling the speeds and forces generated by vintage cars and sports cars.

550-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA fits AC Ace, Aceca, Ace Bristol, Aceca Bristol, Greyhound, Ace RS 2-6, Austin A90 A70 Hereford, BMW 501, Pre War BMW, Bristol 400, 404, Jensen 541, Jowett Jupiter, Maserati 150, Maserati 250F, Merecedes-Benz 170, 170V, Standard, Flying 14, Vanguard, Sunbeam 90, Vauxhall 12HP, 14HP, Volvo 444-544, Frazer Nash BMW and Post War Frazer Nash.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 6.5 in


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