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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


145 R13 

145 HR 13 Tires

The 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ CA67 is the only truly suitable classic sports car tire for cars such as an MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire, Austin Healy Sprite or MK1 Lotus Elan.
The 145 R13 is the ideal radial alternative for the bias ply tire 520-13.

145HR13 Tires

Until now, the great, fun little sports cars of the ‘60s right through to the beginning of the ’80s that did so much for the British Car manufacturing industry have not really had a perfect tire until the recent re-introduction of PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ 145 R13 CA67. Currently, there are a variety of budget tires with low-speed ratings and a carcass that is developed to complement a more modern chassis. The 145 R 13 CINTURATO ™ CA67 maintains the rounded carcass that is critical to the handling of these little lightweight rear-wheel drive classic sports cars. The PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 145 HR 13 classic tire will handle better than anything else on a classic sports car.

23.23″ O.D.

5.70″ Section Width


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 5.5 in


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