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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


345/35R15 Classic Tires

The debut of the PIRELLI CINTURATO™ P7 in the 1970s revolutionized expectations for tire performance, setting a new standard with its exceptionally low profile and superior capabilities.

Pirelli later shocked the world with the introduction of the P7 classic tire in the 345/35 VR 15 size, the world had never seen a road tire with such an extreme width a low profile. Recognizing its potential, Lamborghini adopted this groundbreaking tire in 1978 for its flagship Countach.

Pirelli has since broadened its P7 supercar tire lineup. Notably, in addition to the 225/50-16 tire, they’ve introduced the 205/50 VR 15 CINTURATO P7, which complemented the 345/35 VR 15 on early Lamborghini Countach models. Furthermore, the 285/40 VR 15 CINTURATO P7 was developed to pair with the 345/35VR15 P7, particularly on the front wheels of later De Tomaso Pantera models.


345/35R15 Tires

345/35VR15 Tires

345/35 VR 15

The PIRELLI P7 fits the rear of 1978-1990 Lamborghini Countach and Panteras. This tire is labelled 345/35VR15 to appear period correct but the modern edition is actually “Y’ speed rated to 186 mph.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 14 in


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