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Manufacturer Name: Pirelli


185/70 R13

185/70VR13 Tires

185/70 VR 13 Tires

The original fitment for the Jensen Healey was a 185/70VR13 tire, certain fortunate models would have come equipped with the authentic 185/70VR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ CN36 tires. Another perfect match for the 185/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36 can be found in the Vauxhall Chevette Sports Hatchback 1600GL, GLS, and 2000 GLS models. Additionally, Opel offered the 5.5” wide 13” rim on the Manta GT/E, which accommodated 185/70R13 tires. Interestingly, the 185/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36 served as the original equipment for select Mantas as well.

Although the size 185/70VR13 was a very popular size for cars such as a Ford Cortina, Opel Manta or a Vauxhall Chevette, it is also a wider, low-profile alternative that people would fit instead of a 165 R13 full-profile classic tire. Cars such as the BMW 2002 and Ford Escort models would have 185/70 R13 tires fitted as an aftermarket option.

185/70 VR 13 Tires

185/70 R13 Tires

185/70 R13 Tires

The CN36 marked Pirelli’s venture into the high-performance tire sector and their first foray into road tires with a 70% profile. It swiftly became a prominent tire and became associated with some of the most iconic and thrilling cars of its era.

Designed with the intent to elevate the maneuvering  capabilities of lightweight rear-wheel-drive sports cars prevalent during the 1960s and 1970s, the PIRELLI CINTURATO™ CN36 emerged as an ideal contemporary tire upgrade for powerful and sporty classics. It catered to enthusiasts seeking a shift from full-profile to low-profile tires, all while upholding performance standards.


Fits Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1800, TR7, BMW 3series, Fiat 124, 125 & 131, Ford Capri, Cortina, Sierra, Escort RS & Mexico, Jensen Healey, Lancia Monte Carlo, Lotus Eclat, Opel Ascona & Manta, Vauxhall VX4.

23.18″ O.D.

7.28″ Section Width



Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in


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